We help companies, public bodies, and start-ups accelerate trade access into overseas markets.

Minimise uncertainty. Maximise confidence.
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Our export tools help avoid common pitfalls, thoroughly preparing our clients for market access.

When you begin to invest in overseas markets – you will be doing so from a solid strategic foundation.
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VERVANTUM Export Services

Our services are empowering, simplified and easy to follow. VERVANTUM is a powerful export strategy platform.

Export Health Check

Export Health Check

Helps companies understand how their current approach to exporting stands up against what is considered to be international best practice. Begin your journey today.

Export Health Check

Export Advisory Workshop

Designed to follow-on from the Export Health Check where possible shortcomings in the approach to exporting identified in the online health-check can be discussed.

Export Health Check

In-Market Support Services

Dedicated in-market representation where we can be deployed to various activities such as prospection, company presentations, attendance at trade fairs and seminars.
Training Services

Export Training Services

Customised for each company. This is a fundamental principle of successful export strategies - aligning market opportunities with strategic business objectives.

Commercial Feasibility Studies

Commercial Feasibility Studies

Comprehensive studies for every stage of the business journey – from researchers developing new technologies to established exporters evaluating new product launches.

We are committed to sharing our profound knowledge of export promotion, foreign direct investment and international export strategies with our clients.

We Guide
We offer guidance
We speak in a language our clients understand, not through industry buzzwords or snippets that may confuse them. As a result, we effectively show our clients how to export overseas successfully.
We Share Knowledge
We share knowledge
We are experts. We keep on-trend and up-to-date with all of the latest developments in exporting, so we understand it better than anyone else. We then share that understanding with our clients.
We Are Honest
Honesty is our policy

We are upfront and honest with our clients. We keep straight to the point and candidly tell our clients which areas they need to improve to enter a foreign market. Our clients trust us.

We Understand
We understand

We take the time to understand our client’s business and embed ourselves in their world during our engagement to ensure we know what they need to do to be successful.

The Founder

Gary Fallon
Gary Fallon
Gary has had leadership roles in the field of international business development in both the public and private sectors for over 25 years.

Further to finishing his studies in Trinity College Dublin and EM Strasbourg with a Masters in international Economics with French, Gary based himself between Paris, Brussels and Munich as he developed international sales for companies across the consumer and telecommunications sectors before taking up roles with the Irish Government export development agency , Enterprise Ireland, in Berlin, Paris and latterly China where he also became the Commercial Counselor at the Irish Embassy in Beijing.

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The Genesis of Vervantum

The Genesis of Vervantum…

It’s taken 25 years but my dream of setting up a dedicated advisory company to the art of internationalization has finally seen the light of day. I have always been passionate about what makes or undoes the successful expansion of everything that oils the wheels of...