Export Advisory Workshop

Discuss shortcomings identified from your Export Health Check. Then, learn how to counteract those deficiencies with our carefully structured workshop, considered from many years of experience, optimising your approach to exporting.
Export Advisory Workshop

The Export Advisory Workshop is designed to follow-on from the Export Health Check where possible shortcomings in the approach to exporting identified in the online health-check can be discussed in more detail with the wider management team.

The format of the workshop has been carefully considered based on many years of experience in advising companies on the optimum approach to exporting.

The Export Advisory Workshop is comprised of 4 90-minute modules, 3 of which take place in one day with a wrap up module on Day 2. This allows for careful consideration of some of the issues discussed in Day 1 before moving to document a new agreed approach in the Export Planning Module on Day 2.

Vervantum can also support companies in the building of an Export Plan further to the conclusion of the Export Advisory Workshop.

The Workshop Modules:

Day 1

Module One: 90 Minutes

What are we selling?

How to build a solid Value Proposition for Export Markets.

Module Two: 90 Minutes

Where should we be selling?

Export Market Intelligence based on Verified Customer Demand

Module Three: 90 Minutes

How should we be selling?

Understanding the Role and Importance of Channel Partners and how to find and manage them.

Day 2

Module Four: 90 Minutes

Planning for profitable Export Sales

Building an Export Plan and Resources required for its Successful Implementation

Export Health Check

Book an Export Health Check

You must first complete an Export Health Check before undertaking an Export Advisory Workshop. Please take a few moments to fill in the provided form. We will respond within 48 hours with a quote and arrange an appropriate date and time. Export Advisory Workshops are booked privately after an Export Health Check is completed.