Export Health Check

Get started with an Export Health Check. Does your company's export approach stand up against international best practice? Book an Export Health Check today to see how your export strategies are performing.

Many companies, even those that are considered “established exporters” discover over time that they are underperforming in some or all of their export markets.

The Export Health Check was developed by Vervantum as a way of helping companies understand how their current approach to exporting stands up against what is considered to be international best practice.

It has been applied to almost 400 companies to date across sectors as diverse as food, building materials, packaging, healthcare, software, FMCG and engineering.

VERVANTUM Export Health Check
How was it developed?

The Export Health Check was initially developed as a diagnosis tool within an established Trade Promotion Agency as a way for them to decide which of the agency’s services were most appropriate for individual companies within their client base as a way of helping them improve their export performance.

It has been applied to almost 400 companies to date across sectors as diverse as food, building materials, packaging, healthcare, software, FMCG and engineering.

What does it consist of?
  • The Export Health Check is undertaken over a 90-minute structured online meeting with the senior management of the company
  • In advance of this meeting, some basic information is provided in the subsequent fields
  • The Export Health Check will be undertaken in a conversational style and will cover the background to the company, the products/services currently being exported, the export markets, competitors, channel partners and some key numerical data to allow the benchmarking to be made as accurately as possible.
Who should participate?

Whilst any company employee is welcome to participate in the Export Health Check, at a very minimum, the most senior employee with direct responsibility for exports within the company should play an active role on the call.

How should we prepare?

The only preparation for the call is to be ready to answer questions openly and honestly with a view to generating the most accurate report with regard to your company’s current export performance. Remember, Vervantum cannot possibly know more about your company’s products and customers than you do so the main benefit of the health check is to take stock of your current export performance by benefitting from the outside expertise of a seasoned export professional.

What does it look like?

Upon completion of the online meeting, your company will receive a customized report within 3 days of the initial meeting. The report is designed to cover 5 main aspects of your export activity and will score your company on each of these aspects on a scale of 1 to 5. The scale has been designed to reflect varying degrees of good practice when benchmarked on an international scale.

How should my company use it?

The Export Health Check is intended to stimulate discussion within your company at management level. As well as scoring your performance on these 5 aspects of export performance, which themselves have been identified as the 5 most critical factors to export success according to multiple research reports and feedback from Trade Promotion Agencies across the world, the report will also suggest remedial actions that may be taken by your company to redress underperformance, if necessary.

Export Health Check

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Please take a few moments to fill in the provided form. We will respond within 48 hours with a quote and arrange an appropriate date and time. Export Health Checks take place via an online video software.

Please note...
  • The Export Health Check only applies to the company’s approach to sales and marketing in Export Markets. It does not (and cannot) make any judgement on the actual quality or performance of the product or service of the company in question.
  • All information provided by the company to Vervantum is treated with the utmost confidentiality and will not be shared with any individual or entity other than the company itself. If your company wishes Vervantum to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement to this effect, this can, of course, be facilitated.

In some cases, companies may choose to avail of a more intensive one-day Export Advisory Workshop where these issues can be discussed and illustrated in greater depth.