Export Training Services

Export training for your company which focuses solely on the sales and marketing aspects of selling in non-domestic markets. Our training is customised to ensure your identified export opportunities are met.
Export Training Services

Whereas most export training consultancies focus on the administrative procedures involved in exporting, Vervantum is focussed on the sales and marketing aspects of selling in non-domestic markets.

Exporting cannot be viewed as an add-on activity to domestic sales – it can become transformative for every aspect of a company’s operations – from manufacturing to financial management to product development.

Vervantum Training Services are customised for each company as this is a fundamental principle of successful export strategies -aligning market opportunities with strategic business objectives which will, of course, vary from company to company.
Who is the training designed for?
  • Companies considering exporting for the first time
  • New staff joining established exporting companies
  • Experienced exporters who may be looking to expand their international export base

For Trade Promotion Agencies we offer a specialized training programme which includes the following key components:


Design exporter assessment processes and train staff on how to effectively assess companies.


Engage with exporters to identify barriers to export and design initiative to address these.


Support export promotion executives to plan effective trade missions and events in international markets.


Design and implement initiatives to match exporters and international importers.


Advise on the operations of a Market Intelligence Unit.


Support the creation and training of representatives in key export markets.

Export Training Services

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